Guerrero Farmer

What’s up you guys? I hope everyone is doing fine! So I’m back again with my Where To Next thing, recently I’ve received a few DMs on instagram regarding about this place like “where is this?” “Is it Expensive here?” I will be sharing some snaps I took and a little details about this place … More Guerrero Farmer

Summer Ready

Hey what’s up you guys?! Finally had the time to write again! Well as you guys know I was hospitalized last month (April) I am still recovering and I gained 4kgs now, though I still look skinny and I really need to do more gaining exercise. For now, I’ll be showing you my On-the-Go Summer … More Summer Ready

Izu-shi, Shizuoka

HELLO GUYS! How was your holiday? Can you believe 2018 is officially here? Well, as for me i had to celebrate New Year’s Eve away from my family for the first time. I guess there is always a first time for everything; nonetheless i started my year with a quick trip to Izu, Shizuoka. Izu … More Izu-shi, Shizuoka

Back At It Again

Hey guys! Can you believe its already 2017 and this year it’s all about claiming it! Well, since i started my year with a little bit of traveling and coming up with an outfit has been the last thing on my mind lol! So, here’s a quick OOTD post for you guys. I’m the type … More Back At It Again

Always On The Go

Hey guys! Finally, I’m back after a few weeks of being hiatus. I hope December is treating everyone well! So lately I’ve been busy with work. I have to accomplish several paper works and for some of you who doesn’t know i do teach dance too. Well, i’ll be sharing with you guys my on … More Always On The Go

My Off Duty Combo

Hey guys! What’s up? i hope you’re having an awesome week!So Lately I’ve been busy with tons of paper works and errands but for this post i’ll be showing you my Off Duty Combo. As the temperature goes down the layering goes up but since we don’t have winter in our country (Philippines), here’s a … More My Off Duty Combo

Distinctively Chill

It’s already ‘Ber’ months but still the weather is not what i have expected. As far as i could remember it used to be “BBbbrrr” Months until December; but now, i still feel the summer vibe because of the temperature! Anyway, sorry for the hiatus guys i was busy with office works and tons of … More Distinctively Chill