Distinctively Chill


It’s already ‘Ber’ months but still the weather is not what i have expected. As far as i could remember it used to be “BBbbrrr” Months until December; but now, i still feel the summer vibe because of the temperature! Anyway, sorry for the hiatus guys i was busy with office works and tons of dance choreography to do, in case i haven’t told you i dance too lol 🙂


With our very bipolar weather, keeping your cool can be a very difficult task; and since most of us are busy with our city lives and one of the common question we ask before heading out is “what to wear?” For me i’d go with a comfy shirt whether it is white, neutral or printed as long as i could go to places without complaining how i feel. And of course i wont go a day without a cool pair of sun glasses. As a boy who loves to do random stuff i like to wear something basic on chill days because it gives me the freewill to do whatever i want. So what makes you stay cool with today’s weather?


Photos by KETHLEY UY

Sunglasses (Ray ban) // Shirt (Hanes) // Joggers (Penshoppe) // Boots (Timberland)

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