Side Trip to Tibiao, Antique

Waddup 2017!! I hope this year welcomed everyone well. 2016 was an awesome year for me, gained a lot of new friends and learned a lot of stuff.

As for my previous blog post i ended my year with a quick beach trip at Sipaway Island. Just before heading back to reality i decided to drop by Tibiao, Antique.


Since i always travel by air when going back to Manila for my work. My friend suggested me to try traveling back by land and with no hesitation I immediately said yes! It is not  literally by land it’s actually by land and water; Bus and RORO (Roll on, Roll off) to be exact. With a budget of 1,800php you can reach the City of Manila by these mode of transportation.

We were supposed to leave the City of Smiles (Bacolod) around 5am but because my Grandma won’t allow me to go without having any breakfast lol! We arrived at the BREDCO Port Bacolod around 7am , too bad we missed the Roro going to Dumangas, Iloilo City and since we are already behind schedule its time to go with our Plan B which is to go straight to Iloilo City and it costs us 260Php per person. However, the Roro to Dumangas will only cost you around 70-80php and Van/UV express going to Iloilo city proper is only less than 100php i guess.


By the moment we reached Iloilo City we instantly went to Molo Bus Terminal, you can reach the terminal by jeepneys but as i’ve said earlier we were behind our schedule so we took the fastest way to get there and it is by a cab (80 php). Upon arriving, choose the bus going to Antique and tell the bus driver to drop you to Brgy. Importante, Tibiao. The bus fare is only 177php and it is a 3 and a half hour drive.


After the long ride going to Tibiao, Antique you’ll definitely find a spot to stretch lol with no more time to waste we immediately went to the Famous Kawa Hot Bath! My favorite part about this side trip is the Habal-habal ride going to KAWA KAYAK INN, it was a bit scary because the roads were wet because of the heavy rain but despite that the view was very breathtaking you can definitely see Tibiao’s Rice Terraces and the famous Bugtong Bato .


Habal-habal will cost you 35php(one way) but there’s a catch if you’re traveling solo you need to take the special trip which 70php(one way) plus the 50php Environmental fee . When we got to Kawa Kayak-Inn the view was stunning and you’ll instantly get the chill vibe of the place because of the people relaxing at their own Kawa. There is no entrance here,so if you’re on a tight budget you need not to worry. The kawa is 200php per person and it is good for 2 hours; not bad right?


We weren’t able to go kayaking and cliff diving because the heavy rain welcomed us, they won’t allow us to bathe at the river banks because the current was very strong nonetheless  this trip was very worth it. It is something new for me since i’ve never been on the road for almost 18hrs (Bacolod to Manila).


After visiting The Kawa we went directly to the City proper of Tibiao and got our Picture taken at their Plaza and ended our day at the Beach! Luckily the waves were fine and the waters were clear, we decided to take a dip and watch until the sunset disappears. Nothing beats beach life u know 🙂


The next morning we waited for a bus going to Caticlan’s Port and they said it’s an hour and a half drive and slashing 108php on our pockets. Upon arriving at Caticlan’s Port the Roro’s ticketing line was horrible! It took us 3 hours before we got our ticket to Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro, imagine that? The only thing i hate abut their system is that they won’t sell any ticket unless the roro is already at the port plus not everyone can get on board; so i suggest that it is better for you to be early! Good thing it was a smooth ride, we barely noticed the time and it is a 3hour and a half trip costing 440php plus a 50php terminal fee.


After Bulalacao’s Port you need to take the UV Express (280php) going to Calapan Port 


by the time you reach Calapan’s Port you can either roam around the town of Mindoro or book your last Roro ride for this trip which should be heading to Batangas City ( 192php plus a 20php terminal fee). I swear you will not get bored while traveling especially with this kind of view, if only i had more time i would love to have more side trips here. Then our last and final ride is a bus going to LRT Buendia. I spent a total of 2,087php going back to Manila plus a Side trip to Tibiao, Antique! A Perfect way to start my year!


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