Every Juan can Ihaw

Inihaw/Inasal is one of my favorite, it brings a lot of memories like hanging out with my friends and grilling along the beach and of course missing my hometown. For some of you who does not know i am really from “The City of Smiles” BACOLOD CITY. Inihaw/Inasal is not new to me since it is one of Bacolod’s specialty. Well, i seldom eat inihaw here in manila but i was tempted when we went to Baguio, we tried IHAWJUAN and to tell you honestly i love it! Tastes like my hometown, it’s flavorful and i really love the concept plus it is very cheap!All you can eat for as low as 199 pesos for Lunch and 249 pesos for Dinner time! Not bad right?

IHAWJUAN is located in Marcos Highway, Baguio City!

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