A Marketing graduate, a Dancer, a Fashion and Travel enthusiast well that pretty much sums up my Passion and Profession. like most people i love listening to good music, trying delicious foods and jumping to places! Traveling has always been a thing for me i love to explore and find myself to the places I’ve never been. Since i also love taking pictures every time i travel and i love sharing them on Instagram and Facebook; i came to think why not create a blog to express how much i love to mix and match clothes and explore our planet.

I have a few Categories here on my blog,(1) the “Where to?” it’s all about itinerary stuff, traveling, how to get here and there kind of stuff!hahah #whereistutz
(2) “Style” this one is about my addiction to mix-matching clothes,in short my OOTDs.
(3)”Snaps” My obsession with taking pictures! recently some of my shots were featured especially on Instagram; but here i’m sharing my experience taking those shots.
(4)”Eat” i love food! you know the fatkidinside problem? hahah well this one is a “where and what to eat” category.
(5)”Chill” Basically being an indoorsman and hanging loose.

like every bloggers i also do have a GOAL,
* To promote Philippine Tourism
* Sharing the love of Nature
* To influence and inspire people who loves traveling and fashion.
* To give tips about traveling and taking stunning images.

well i guess that’s all, i hope you’ll follow my journey ~
Check out my Instagram and Twitter : @yusakututhiya
add me on snapchat for more updated travels : YUSAKU37


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