It’s ok to spoil your taste bud.  I’ve been a fan of Japanese Cuisines like i can eat all of them hahaha !! for some Japanese foods are weird but as for me it’s my definition of “foodgasm” and of course can’t help not to take a pic, you know ” food porning .” Dined … More Satisfied

Food for Comfort

Are you an American food lover? Then you gotta try Burgoo (sm moa) it’s an American bar and restaurant, they have a huge serving of American dishes! Got a chance to try their Ribs and shrimp and what could I say? Delish!!! The ribs were tender and the sauce was everything! Hahaha well the shrimp is … More Food for Comfort

Lorenzo’s Way 

Did you ever have those moments where you and your friends would ask each other where to eat? Hahahaha the struggle is real right? Lol  But if I were to suggest you, go try Lorenzo’s Way  they have cuisines that are amazing but with a twist, we tried the Crispy pata, Gambas with Puso ng … More Lorenzo’s Way