Whispering Palms / Sipaway Island

Let me start this by Greeting Everyone a Happy Happy New Year!!! 2016 was good and I hope everyone will start the year with a Big Bang!! Well, as for me i ended my 2016 with a quick beach trip at Whispering palms, Sipaway island (Negros Occidental)together with my friends


How to get to Whispering Palms

  • From Bacolod South Terminal, you have two options to get to San Carlos City either by FX or Bus. The Bus ride will cost you 140php and will take you 2 to 3 hours to get there.
  • Once you’re already in San Carlos terminal, book a Tricycle (25php/head) going to their Port .
  • From the Port there are a lot of boats going to Sipaway Island or also known as Refugio Island. The boat will cost you 15php per person for a 15 minutes boat ride.
  • Upon arriving you’ll probably need another tricycle ride 25php person, if you’re traveling alone i suggest you try “habal-habal.”

Total damage = 205php


As the saying goes “you can never have too much beach.”


Whispering Palms definitely looks like paradise. Good thing the resort was not fully booked since we did not have any reservations. We chose to stay at their Nipa huts rather than their family rooms ( just to maintain the Beachy Vibe lol). The Nipa Hut is 800php and it is good for 8 person way cheaper than their Family room that will probably cost you around 2,500php and it’s only good for 4 person.


 Once you’re in you’ll get to enjoy all the amenities and activities the resort offers such as Billiards, Swimming pools, Darts, Giant Chess set, Ping pong,Beach volley,  Crocodile feeding and many more! My favorite part was I got the chance to explore the island and meet the locals because of the free bike rentals.



and did i mention they also have a Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm ?  Enjoy your favorite cocktails with their buy one get one promo.


Pros and Cons about the resort.


  • The resort is not for Barkada outings or Team Buildings, probably because of their room rates and accommodations. It is more of a Couple destination
  • The manager/owner of the resort really has an unpleasing vibe, Staffs were friendly tho.
  •  I am very happy about the marine life of Sipaway  which makes it hard to bathe at the beach you might get wounded because of the corals and you might step at the sea stars!


  • You can enjoy tons of amenities that the resort offers (i mentioned it earlier at the top)
  • The resort was very clean and the service was fast.
  • The resort is very picturesque, perfect for photo shoots and the sunset view is amazing.


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