Distinctively Chill

It’s already ‘Ber’ months but still the weather is not what i have expected. As far as i could remember it used to be “BBbbrrr” Months until December; but now, i still feel the summer vibe because of the temperature! Anyway, sorry for the hiatus guys i was busy with office works and tons of … More Distinctively Chill


These are some of the random shots i took while they were fooling around. I decided to crack more jokes as much as possible to capture real moments and of course it was almost sunset so the lighting was stunning. A good friend knows all of your best stories, a Sister has lived them with … More Sisters

Boho Chic Feels

Boho Chic is a fashion trend that is part¬†Bohemian¬†and part¬†Chic. Well this “Boho Chic”¬†is normally not how i style or how i dress but i’m beginning to fall in love with this genre of styling because it brings back the vintage styles in which i am a very big fan of and i also love … More Boho Chic Feels


Always been fascinated with different types of Art and that’s why i decided to have this! hahha im planning a whole sleeve tattoo but i wanted it to be abstract though Black and Grey tattoos are hot but i fell in love with abstract art pieces. hey guys if you’re living near Makati, Philippines pm … More Rose

Playing with Black

I think in¬†BLACK. Playing¬†Black and white¬†with my gals ( Karen & Dianne ). You can never go wrong playing with Black and white as long as you have the perfect lighting and the right adjustment of the shadows ūüôā They said a picture without a color is boring and lifeless but for me it brings … More Playing with Black


  Denim is really expanding. It’s not just a weekend basic but it’s a fashion must! Always been in love with them old school look, anything that is¬†denim¬†is so cool like I could wear this almost everyday Hahahaha! ¬†The beauty of Denim is it’s Versatility!! I don’t know about you but wearing denim makes me … More D E N I M


LAGOM  Рjust the right amount.  Lighting is everything for me, even if you are using DSLR or just your ordinary smart phone it is still  important to find your light. Follow me on twitter and Instagram @yusakututhiya