A Day in Yokohama

Hello guys, finally I’m back after being so swamped with work and school. If you have read my previous blog post I shared a little info about me and as a promise I will tell you my favorite Go-To places here in Yokohama !  So let’s pretend you only have a day here in Yokohama … More A Day in Yokohama

Bantug Lake Ranch

  I do consider myself as a Nature lover and as well as an animal lover! Well, who could resist God’s gift ?     When i came back home(Bacolod City) i really did made some plans and one of it is to visit this lovely place which is Bantug Lake Ranch!  If you’re wondering what’s good … More Bantug Lake Ranch


BALER AURORA is 6 hours away from Manila, it is within the Sierra Madre Mountains; which we all know it is a haven for all the nature lovers and that makes it gifted as well! If you seek for an adrenaline pumping experience you should definitely head here!! Why? because Aurora, Baler is very rich in … More BALER AURORA

Splendid China

Planning to visit China any time soon? If you want to have a thorough view of the major attractions in China,well the district of the Splendid China should be on your itinerary. There, you can find 82 detailed miniatures of famous sites of the country. Though you also have this LITTLE CHINATOWN where they also offer famous … More Splendid China

Burot Beach, Batangas

There are tons of cool places in Batangas but if you’re looking for some place to unwind and recharge without spending too much well why not try Burot beach in Calatagan, Batangas . Burot beach is a calm and peaceful place though it’s a private property; it is not entirely developed and has no electricity … More Burot Beach, Batangas


   As we grow older we tend to spend our money on foods, gadgets and of course traveling and maybe it’s because of our social life or because a friend has “this and that” or went to “here and there”  i’m not talking about jealousy hahaha lol i’m talking about experiencing the little pleasures in … More ANAWANGIN COVE


  If you’re planning for a typical Filipino weekend  where an out of town trip is the most common way to enjoy it and  if you’re living in  Negros Occidental then probably Wisik fishing lagoon resort is a great option to start your summer! It’s a few kilometer drive from Bacolod City and to tell … More Ruddy 


What to do and where to go in Macao?  Colonized by the Portuguese in 1557, Macao was the oldest European outpost in China. In 1987, Portugal and China reached an agreement to return Macao to Chinese rule on Dec. 20, 1999. Source : (infoplease.com) So if you love some history blah blah blah then Macao … More Macao