Always On The Go

Hey guys! Finally, I’m back after a few weeks of being hiatus. I hope December is treating everyone well!


So lately I’ve been busy with work. I have to accomplish several paper works and for some of you who doesn’t know i do teach dance too. Well, i’ll be sharing with you guys my on the go essential. This Drift Messenger Bag (ZeroGravityMnl) is definitely my partner in crime ! My fave part about this bag is that it is very handy; you can either carry it or strap it on and my laptop fits perfectly here too! It is important for me to bring my laptop anywhere i go since i usually edit music for my dance class and i need to beat all the deadlines at the office. The bag is also useful when going to the studio, it has a spacious compartment where i can put my extra clothes for dance practice and a zipped back pocket for my important documents.


Photo by Jireh Forester

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Thank you!!


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