Munting Bungahin Beach Camp / Batangas

Munting Buhangin is one of the few privately owned resorts in Nasugbu, Batangas. The good thing about this resort is that it doesn’t require any membership. Although the beach doesn’t have a white sand to boast but its calm waters and peaceful ambiance makes it more easier to chill and unwind! It’s perfect for family gatherings, team buildings and “Barkada”outings!

Once you’re in Munting Buhangin these stairs will be the first one to welcome you! lol but no joke! It’s hard for the old and disabled people to go down these stairs especially when it is wet. So if you have tons of stuff with you, good luck! 🙂 Just think of it as an exercise before heading down to the beach.


*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


There are several activities you can do during your stay at Munting Buhangin such as Kayaking, Beach volley, Banana boat, Camping and Island Hopping, there will be a few boatmen that will offer you a tour to twin island and go snorkeling and some would offer you to go to Fortune Island for 4000 pesos and it is good for 13 pax, not bad right?


Since this is another random trip with my friends, we didn’t bring any foods with us! Good thing they now have a mini restaurant and if you would ask me about the food; it’s a 7 from the rate of 1 – 10 and 10 as the highest! Don’t worry the price is very reasonable and dishes are usually good for 2-3 person. And one more thing i suggest that you tell the receptionist to pay all your bills later or you’ll get pissed because every time you buy something they will keep on handing you receipts and you need to pay it immediately! *Not that we don’t want to pay or maybe they are thinking we might ran away (DUH! there is a half kilometer road before leaving the resort! how can that be possible?) Sorry for the rant guys but the receptionist is really getting in to my nerves, good thing that the unwelcoming vibe of the receptionist didn’t last long thanks to my friends who instantly change the mood by cracking some good old jokes.

During our stay, we noted some good and not so good stuff about the resort.


  • It’s a Budget friendly beach
  • The beach is clean and the resort is safe for swimming (life guards on duty)
  • Since it’s far from the city, it won’t really get too crowded
  • The place is very relaxing and it is perfect for a day tour.


  • The receptionist has a very unwelcoming vibe
  • No pets allowed!
  • The road going down to the resort are not well maintained
  • If you’re looking for some Night life, this is not the beach for you; though drinking beer by the beach and bonding with your friends and family is better than jumping all night.

Since we only went there for a day tour, we haven’t got the chance to witness the sunset. Although there are a lot of picturesque spots around the resort such as the rock formations.

Don’t forget to drop by Tagaytay! It’s a perfect side trip since you’ll be passing there before heading back to Manila. Where to eat? don’t worry there are tons of Bulalo houses in Tagaytay but i do suggest you try Bulalo’s point, Gotbucket and Leslie’s Restaurant!


How to get there to Munting Buhangin:

From Buendia/Pasay board a Bus (DLBT) going to Nasugbu, Batangas (160 pesos) , and from Nasugbu you can take a tricycle ride going to Munting Buhangin Beach Camp; The fare is 100 pesos per head and sometimes it depends on how well you negotiate with the driver. 🙂


Cheers to my Random Squad for making this trip possible!!

Here’s a little Clip we made during our stay. WATCH ME!!

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