Summer Ready

Hey what’s up you guys?! Finally had the time to write again! Well as you guys know I was hospitalized last month (April) I am still recovering and I gained 4kgs now, though I still look skinny and I really need to do more gaining exercise. For now, I’ll be showing you my On-the-Go Summer … More Summer Ready

Follow Your Noord

Traveling has always been a thing for everyone, like it is the last resort to inhale some fresh air or just to have that little escape from our busy lives. I would have started this out with a question like “why do you travel?” BUT i thought i would be getting the same response over … More Follow Your Noord

Walking Light Bulb

They Said Blondes Have More FUN, that’s why i decided to be one. If you have been reading my blog, i’m all about being chill; and of course my style has always been between Grunge and Preppy. Winter is almost over here in Japan and i’m trying to adapt the slow change of the weather. … More Walking Light Bulb

Frosty No More

What’s good you guys? Winter is almost over but the cool weather is here to stay I guess. If you have been reading some of my posts, I’m 101% obsessed with chill style! Like, I know I don’t live in a tropical country anymore but I don’t like wearing baggy Jamba’s as well (unless it’s … More Frosty No More

Holiday Bash 

Christmas is here and all of its festive parties are everywhere and of course you should look presentable. Liven up to the neutral kind of style and since the word “oppa” is a thing; it became my inspiration for this look lol. Whether you’re attending some office parties or just celebrating the holidays with your … More Holiday Bash 

Cold Mornings

Finally it’s Winter time but I still can’t get over with Autumn; for this outfit I tried playing with earth colors because Autumn has a huge part in my heart. Though it was my first time to witness it but many good stuff happened to me during that season. I’m not really a morning person … More Cold Mornings


What’s up guys?! It’s already summer here in Japan and it’s also our term break from school! Finally, I can explore Japan more and I’ll be updating my blog too. So, It is a 3 week break and i’ll be posting my Adventures, OOTDs and a Lot of Binge Eatings on my Instagram : @yusakututhiya ! … More Off-Duty

Where is my mind?

 After being busy with work and jumping from one pool to another; finally had the time for a quick ootd shot! Can you imagine it’s already April? Like man, it’s funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different. Now where’s my mind? Last week had this giveaway … More Where is my mind?

Back At It Again

Hey guys! Can you believe its already 2017 and this year it’s all about claiming it! Well, since i started my year with a little bit of traveling and coming up with an outfit has been the last thing on my mind lol! So, here’s a quick OOTD post for you guys. I’m the type … More Back At It Again