What’s up guys?! It’s already summer here in Japan and it’s also our term break from school! Finally, I can explore Japan more and I’ll be updating my blog too. So, It is a 3 week break and i’ll be posting my Adventures, OOTDs and a Lot of Binge Eatings on my Instagram : @yusakututhiya !

Since summer has just started here and all I can hear is people saying “Atsui Desu” which means Hot and going out with the wrong combination of outfit can make you look like a one sweaty pig 😂✌🏻hahah joke but yeah 💁🏻‍♂️. Anyway, I named this post Off-duty because for me it is the time to chill and I won’t be thinking about school for awhile, though I still need to go to work but I guess having an extra amount of time to chill is kinda bit of a OFF DUTY.

I decided to go with a minimal approach on my Ootd. A basic shirt and some white sneakers has always been my go-to outfit but I kinda love the fact that the trends before are slowly coming back, just like this track pants that I’m wearing! I played with monochromatic colors on this one because I’m comfortable with these types on tones, which is very important to me since I wanted to look fresh especially with today’s temperature and I always see to it that my look can last until 12 midnight without me complaining ( I don’t want the “tiis ganda” moment to happen to me lol)! So, for this blog post it’s all about keeping it cool, tucking it in and keeping it clean. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below! 🤗

Hat (H&M) // Shirt (H&M) // Track Pants (Uniqlo) // Shoes ( Justable) // Watch ( Apple) // Bag ( GU )

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Ps. On my next blog post I’ll be posting the places that you should visit and of course the food that you should be tasting! And it will be little personal post too 😉


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