Loading up with Black and Neutrals

Since 2016 is about to end, i decided to do a little Parisian inspired look.Ya’ll know that Parisian men are really good at mixing classy with casual, and layering stuff. It’s December and the temperature is slowly going down and obviously the function of layering is heat retention.

  I played with Black and Neutrals for this one, that’s probably because i can get the comfort and the versatility of the clothes that i’m wearing. Sticking with white, gray, navy, brown and black are probably the safest colors to mix and match; though you can also play with trendy colors and accessories but of course you should consider the season if it’s right. After all, we all believe that dressing up should be fun.

          Leather jacket (F21) // Hoodie (Inkcreme) // Pants (Penshopper) // Boots ( Timberland)                   // Specs (sunnies)

“You should always be cool and modern but not super styled; just simple and not too much effort.” – Chetrite

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