Walk in the Neighborhood 

After a month of being hiatus in blogging; Since I was swamped with a lot of stuff lately like leaving my job in the Philippines and processing my school requirements here in Japan. I finally had the time and it’s good to be back! Nonetheless here’s a quick blog update before I head out to look for more beautiful spots here in Yokohama.

Yeah Summer is fast approaching here and with the temperature rising up quickly, keeping my cool can be a little bit of a challenge. 

Went out with my striped tank top and paired it with this Short sleeve button-down and since I’m a bit tan I guess navy blue is the perfect color (well, I already know we’ll be going to Osanbashi so might as well have some Sailor Vibe on my outfit 😂✌🏻) and for my trousers I chose a lighter tone since people here in Japan loves to walk, might as well keep my cool while strolling around my neighborhood. Light and comfy shoes is a must too since I’ll be going to parks and will be meeting friends for dinner. Might as well plan an outfit to get you through the day and still look fresh during night, It’s actually a trial and error process. So, how can you keep it cool this summer ?

Button down (GU Global) // Tank Top (Abercrombie) // Trousers (H&M) // Watch (Apple) // Shoes (Zalora)

Location : Yokohama Chinatown

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