Walking on sunshine

There are tons of summer destinations, summer stories, foods and the like and it’s probably because almost everybody loves summer! Well it is that time of the year where your hair gets lighter but tans will fade, lol hahah you know what quote i’m talking bout. *wink Dressing up and traveling are two of my … More Walking on sunshine

Boho Chic Feels

Boho Chic is a fashion trend that is part Bohemian and part Chic. Well this “Boho Chic” is normally not how i style or how i dress but i’m beginning to fall in love with this genre of styling because it brings back the vintage styles in which i am a very big fan of and i also love … More Boho Chic Feels

Beach bum

Beach bum : a person who loafs on or around a beach.  Time is ticking fast so you better pack your stuff and head to the nearest water park or beach in your place! I guess packing is easy but for some people the struggle is real! like deciding what or what not to wear hahaha … More Beach bum

Leather weather

Every day i’d say i look different, i guess many people would say that ;like sometimes you wanna look really formal, sometimes you just wanna go to the mall wearing flip-flops. i titled this post Leather weather not literally because of the weather ( 😂) but because of the mood , yes my mood/your mood … More Leather weather


  Denim is really expanding. It’s not just a weekend basic but it’s a fashion must! Always been in love with them old school look, anything that is denim is so cool like I could wear this almost everyday Hahahaha!  The beauty of Denim is it’s Versatility!! I don’t know about you but wearing denim makes me … More D E N I M


Don’t you just love statement shirts? I Really am a fan of statement shirts because they do the talking for you hahaha lol. Good thing i saw one while strolling around the mall, this one is from NIKE. Paired this shirt with my 6 pockets black slacks from Folded and hung and a pair of wingtoe shoes. Tucked … More Scored


Decided to look less today, but of course i need to swag it up a little. As I’ve said from my previous post; my style is between Grunge and Preppy. Street styling is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers. The great thing about Street style is that there … More Hooked

One piece 

JUM•PER (N) sleeveless one piece worn usually with a blouse. •jacket worn by workmen, •child’s coverall              When I saw someone wearing jumper I automatically remember my childhood! Hahaha I used to wear a lot of this stuff . My jumper is from Forever21 actually it’s a pants but I … More One piece 

A Little Grunge

Been inspired with this look since i can remember! You can never go wrong with basic and neutral colors. Long Tees has been the newest street style trend for men. Artists like Chris Brown, Drake, Tyga and many other more are killing it, it somehow look like Kanye’s collection. I am really feeling this look, since it has a … More A Little Grunge


Thrift (noun) – careful use of money so that it is not wasted. Wearing clothes shouldn’t always mean expensive , there are a lot of ways to spend a little money but gain more stuff; To all of my fellow street stylers and street dappers out there who tried buying from Thrift shops well, cheers!!!!. … More Thrift 

Happy Color

Black is modest and arrogant at the same time, black is lazy and easy. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.”   – Yohji Yamamoto Been a big fan of street style fashion since I could remember ,like you could wear anything and everything at the same time … More Happy Color