We Tried It: The Day and Night Makeup Challenge

Makeup is not a mask.

Makeup is Art. Makeup is Passion. Makeup is Expression. 

I think most girls do love putting makeup on; not only to look good but i guess they like the confidence that the makeup is giving them or the drama with their lashes, or even those eyebrow goals. Like most people i know would tell me that “great eyebrows don’t happen by chance. They happen by Appointment.” MMMAAANNN they are indeed serious about life lol ! 🙂

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So the last time i visited Bulacan me and Hannah (a freelance makeup artist) decided to do a collab and without any hesitation i said yes and i immediately called my friend (Karen) to be the model of her work.We did the Day and Night Makeup Challenge!! I said yes to this collab since i have a little bit of knowledge about makeups because i was in a performing arts before and we did a lot of stage makeups and stuff, i guess that counts:) Anyway i’ll be blogging about the before and after look only but i’ll upload the full Video on my Youtube channel!

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During the day, makeup should be natural. There is one thing that we can’t change about ourselves and that is the skin color, so while applying make-up, we have to be very careful about the type and color of makeup we use. To get a natural look for daytime, follow one rule “too much applied than needed is not good and too less will make a big difference.” So go nice and easy while applying. Daytime make-up should be done to make you look young and fresh all day. – Hannah (freelance makeup artist)

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The Transition from day to night is about adding more drama to the face, Evening look should be done with a little bit of shimmer, eyes that pop!! and of course a lips without lipstick are like a cake without frosting! For myself, I tend to add a darker color to the lid and more eyeliner and mascara just to emphasize that “FabuLAsh” look. . – Hannah

 So there you go for now, i’ll be posting our collab shoot with Karen very soon!

HMU by Hannah Jianne

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