Photo Diary : Day and Night Makeup Challenge

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I love photography just like how I love being in nature. So this Photo Diary is related to my last blog post ” We Tried It: The Day and Night Makeup Challenge ” where me and Hannah (freelance makeup artist) did the makeup challenge; So the first one here is The Day Look. Just what like the makeup artist said “During the day, makeup should be natural.”

2016-08-09 10.49.32 1

Outdoor portrait shots can be gratifying and it can be a little bit of a challenge at the same time but outdoor and nature provides the best lighting and backdrops for me. Just like many photographers they prefer the “Golden Hour” which is the rising and the setting of the sun,this usually adds a little drama on your shots; so you better find the right position of your sun.

2016-08-09 10.49.33 12016-08-09 10.49.35 1

And talk about Wardrobe, i’m a little bit OC about it.Of course you definitely need to consider the environment you are going to be in.Though other outdoor photographers would take wide shots with a little subject in their photo and since i’m doing an outdoor portrait shot i only want to reveal the right amount of lighting to emphasize the face of my subject and the texture of my location.

2016-08-09 10.49.24 1

So much for the the first one; here’s the Night look.Evening makeup should be done with a little bit of shimmer and eyes that pop -Hannah ! Given that it is dark at night, eyes should be more defined by adding some shadows to it. Smoky eye makeup is one of the most easiest to do since you’ll be playing with silver, charcoal or any darker shade but you can definitely create a sultry look,whether it’s blue, pink or any earthy tone.

2016-08-09 10.49.25 12016-08-09 10.49.28 1

I’ve been working with a DIY LED Light with these shots,honestly it’s my first time to try the Led lighting though i kinda like the outcome of it,because you can have the total control of the light plus it adds more definition to the face of my subject. I love the spotlight effect but just a tip,you better position your light properly since it is already an edge that you can control your lighting. Remember different angles of light can create different moods in the shot.

2016-08-09 10.49.29 12016-08-09 10.49.30 1

HMU by Hannah Jianne

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