Mr. Monkies; Express yourself

Mr Monkies Original Pack

Everywhere you go and anywhere you look you see ART and there are many forms of art maybe you see it on the wall, building structures or someone wearing it. Well in today’s generation there are a lot of “Artsy” people; people who dress well for example but what if you can wear something that is very YOU ??  #Tellyourstory

Mr Monkies

Let me introduce you to Mr. Monkies !! Mr. Monkies is a brand born from freedom which means with one shoe you get to have endless possibilities of expressing yourself!! Isn’t that exciting? I myself love the concept of this brand,their Basic White Sneakers comes with 7 markers that you can use to draw and express yourself and wait there’s more you can continuously change the design you created because the markers are erasable !!! and before you ask me about this erasable thingy, Mr. Monkies got you darling because drawings are waterproof!! Cool right? You don’t have to worry about the design you created it will be permanent until you decide to erase them.


If you want to see what I’ve been talking about Click here to watch a little video about their movement!

I know by this time you can’t wait to own one and express yourself that’s why I have a good news to all of my awesome Readers i am giving a 20% discount when you purchase your very own Mr. Monkies just use my voucher code : YUSAKU2016  to avail the 20% discount!

After I got my own pair I just can’t help myself !! Really had fun playing with my shoes!


Want to Learn more about Mr. Monkies?

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what are you waiting for? #telltyourstory

Mr Monkies Original Old Pack

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