Guerrero Farmer

What’s up you guys? I hope everyone is doing fine! So I’m back again with my Where To Next thing, recently I’ve received a few DMs on instagram regarding about this place like “where is this?” “Is it Expensive here?” I will be sharing some snaps I took and a little details about this place … More Guerrero Farmer

Bantug Lake Ranch

  I do consider myself as a Nature lover and as well as an animal lover! Well, who could resist God’s gift ?     When i came back home(Bacolod City) i really did made some plans and one of it is to visit this lovely place which is Bantug Lake Ranch!  If you’re wondering what’s good … More Bantug Lake Ranch

Walking on sunshine

There are tons of summer destinations, summer stories, foods and the like and it’s probably because almost everybody loves summer! Well it is that time of the year where your hair gets lighter but tans will fade, lol hahah you know what quote i’m talking bout. *wink Dressing up and traveling are two of my … More Walking on sunshine


BALER AURORA is 6 hours away from Manila, it is within the Sierra Madre Mountains; which we all know it is a haven for all the nature lovers and that makes it gifted as well! If you seek for an adrenaline pumping experience you should definitely head here!! Why? because Aurora, Baler is very rich in … More BALER AURORA

Burot Beach, Batangas

There are tons of cool places in Batangas but if you’re looking for some place to unwind and recharge without spending too much well why not try Burot beach in Calatagan, Batangas . Burot beach is a calm and peaceful place though it’s a private property; it is not entirely developed and has no electricity … More Burot Beach, Batangas


   As we grow older we tend to spend our money on foods, gadgets and of course traveling and maybe it’s because of our social life or because a friend has “this and that” or went to “here and there”  i’m not talking about jealousy hahaha lol i’m talking about experiencing the little pleasures in … More ANAWANGIN COVE

The climb 

 Finally some real trekking! Got the chance to spend my off with some legit mountaineers at Mt. Pico de loro .  It was only a day hike so it really pumped me to join. I was not really in condition to go for a trek because I lack sleep and I’m not feeling well though … More The climb 

The Climb

Finally got a chance to do some real trekking with some legit mountaineers( MT. PICO DE LORO) ! it was only a day hike so it really pumped me up to join though i was not feeling well because i lack sleep lol hahah still i can’t say no to my friends because they were crazy … More The Climb

Side trip 

There will always be a side trip to wherever destination we will be going and ours happened to be here at CLIFFHOUSE, Tagaytay City !   Talk about chill? Well this place is perfect!! Not only it is peaceful but it’s a smoke free area and you can definitely see the Iconic Taal Volcano!  And that over … More Side trip 

Inner Child 

SKYRANCH, a must visit attraction in Tagaytay.   .     These are some of the awesome rides that they have, I haven’t taken  much photos because I was enjoying every ride plus the view was breathtaking !!!  This shot was taken while we were in the Ferris wheel (Tagaytay Eye) What I love about going to parks … More Inner Child 


  Traveling and beaching with friends will never go out of style that’s why the hashtag “friendship goals” is seen everywhere! well to start with, this is one of the most famous beach in Negros !! The water is clear, diving spots are near and the best part about the island? It’s not overcrowded!! From the City of Smiles ( Bacolod … More Sipalay