Frosty No More

What’s good you guys? Winter is almost over but the cool weather is here to stay I guess. If you have been reading some of my posts, I’m 101% obsessed with chill style! Like, I know I don’t live in a tropical country anymore but I don’t like wearing baggy Jamba’s as well (unless it’s … More Frosty No More


What’s up guys?! It’s already summer here in Japan and it’s also our term break from school! Finally, I can explore Japan more and I’ll be updating my blog too. So, It is a 3 week break and i’ll be posting my Adventures, OOTDs and a Lot of Binge Eatings on my Instagram : @yusakututhiya ! … More Off-Duty

Distinctively Chill

It’s already ‘Ber’ months but still the weather is not what i have expected. As far as i could remember it used to be “BBbbrrr” Months until December; but now, i still feel the summer vibe because of the temperature! Anyway, sorry for the hiatus guys i was busy with office works and tons of … More Distinctively Chill


These are some of the random shots i took while they were fooling around. I decided to crack more jokes as much as possible to capture real moments and of course it was almost sunset so the lighting was stunning. A good friend knows all of your best stories, a Sister has lived them with … More Sisters

We Stay Chill

DOING WHAT YOU LIKE IS FREEDOM, LIKING WHAT YOU DO IS HAPPINESS. Some days you want to hit the beach, get a tan, do some shopping, movies with friends and some days you just want to stay at home; probably sleep or eat all day. Well i guess we all need some time to chill … More We Stay Chill

Side trip 

There will always be a side trip to wherever destination we will be going and ours happened to be here at CLIFFHOUSE, Tagaytay City !   Talk about chill? Well this place is perfect!! Not only it is peaceful but it’s a smoke free area and you can definitely see the Iconic Taal Volcano!  And that over … More Side trip 


INDOORSMAN  (n) a person who prefers to explore the great indoors, an introvert. How do you spend weekends with  your friends?  Watching Movies? Going to the mall? Group studying? Hahaha well, aren’t you tired of going to the mall and chilling at the same old place? And of course the traffic! Horror! Hahahaah.  Why don’t … More Indoorsman