Minimalistic Approach / Layering for this Gloomy Weather

Gloomy weather makes you feel lazy and unproductive. It’s quite impossible to leave your bed too; especially when it’s pouring outside. But think of the people who needs to go out for work, errands and other agenda. Can you imagine that? Hassle right? With today’s weather, turning into a human icicle is easy lol!


Trench coat, that’s the first word that came across my mind while wearing this. Well, actually it’s a good thing since trench coats are one of the few coats that will stand the test of time. Just like trench coats, it is lightweight, weatherproof, and could easily be worn over everyday wear. I love the minimalistic vibe of this coat; no more straps and the traditional 10 buttons. Staying dry and stylish has never been this easy.

Jacket (Straightforward Clothing) // Shirt (ZARA) // Pants (Bershka) // Watch (Casio) // Boots ( Human)

Photographed by JIREH FORESTER 

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