Bantug Lake Ranch


I do consider myself as a Nature lover and as well as an animal lover! Well, who could resist God’s gift ?


When i came back home(Bacolod City) i really did made some plans and one of it is to visit this lovely place which is Bantug Lake Ranch!  If you’re wondering what’s good about this place; if you love nature and animals well this is the place to be!


I spent most of my time doing horse back riding lol! I mean horses are everywhere in this place and they are friendly too. Horse back riding here is cheap; 50 pesos for 2 rounds and 150 pesos for 15 minutes! not bad right?

Another thing i love about this place is that it’s good for family picnics i mean it allows the whole family to enjoy various relaxing activities!! There are tons of picnic spots in Bantug lake ranch so you don’t really have to worry but the only thing that i can not take is “flies” like i find it really disgusting! they’re everywhere; though it’s understandable because there are animals in the place, but still! The good thing is that they let us eat at their restaurant with the foods we brought, nonetheless the place is perfect for chilling!


Visit Bantug Lake Ranch and enjoy the following amenities and activities such as Horse back riding, fishing, boating, animal feeding and many more

Entrance fee : 50 – Adults

40- kids

Swimming : 120 pesos

Boating : 50 pesos

Check out their official site for more click here!

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