BALER AURORA is 6 hours away from Manila, it is within the Sierra Madre Mountains; which we all know it is a haven for all the nature lovers and that makes it gifted as well! If you seek for an adrenaline pumping experience you should definitely head here!! Why? because Aurora, Baler is very rich in natural resources and it offers different types of adventurous activities such as trekking, chasing waterfalls, surfing and many to mention!! You’ll never ran out of stuff to do and explore when you’re in Baler.


Of course a trip to Baler wouldn’t be complete without giving Surfing a try; since it is known as the “Birth place of Surfing in the Philippines.” Learning how to Surf in Baler is very cheap for 350 pesos an hour you get to try surfing and you’ll have your personal instructor and if you already think you can do it by yourself, for 400 pesos you get to enjoy Surfing for 4 hours;now that’s some adrenaline pumping experience!


We arrived Saturday around 4 am and since it’s Summer and it’s Weekend expect you’ll be having a little problem looking for a place to crash in though there are a lot of hostels in SABANG but me and my folks wanted a place beside the beach, good thing we found one!! We stayed at KAHEA’s Lodge along the famous Surfer Girl’s lodge well our room was good for 8 pax  and it’s  3,500 pesos only!! not bad right? We brought some tent ( you know, in case of emergency!) because we were 20 peeps and it went well, some brought hammocks too!! trust me if you’re planning to go to Baler without any reservation especially now that its summer i suggest bring a tent with you( they allow tents just pay for the lodge’s entrance).


As i’ve said earlier there are tons of activities you can do when you’re in Baler; so we did visit Caunayan Falls in SAN LUIS! Chasing waterfalls indeed! Visiting here was definitely worth it especially when you’re from the beach, because the water is freezing cold and its crystal clear baby!! ahahha! you can also drink the water here!!



Also don’t miss the chance to visit MUSEO de Baler to see the priceless memorabilias, history and culture!! Trust me visiting Baler is worth it, locals can take you to different historical landmarks within the city proper!

Check out trip to BALER CLICK ME!!

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