Splendid China


Planning to visit China any time soon?

If you want to have a thorough view of the major attractions in China,well the district of the Splendid China should be on your itinerary. There, you can find 82 detailed miniatures of famous sites of the country. Though you also have this LITTLE CHINATOWN where they also offer famous miniature sites of different countries but since you want to visit CHINA you better choose Splendid China and of course appreciate the beautiful landscapes throughout the country in one day .


There you have Replicas of China’s historical buildings, wonderful scenes and folk customs.

Well when we went to SHENZHEN we only paid 350 hk dollars/head it’s very cheap for a day tour and it includes the visa in which it is good to use for 6 days, well i know a day tour is very short but trust me it’s better if you hire a tour guide so that you won’t waste your time thinking where to go next. We went to the famous JADE Shop and there you can buy original jade accessories, next we went to Bamboo Factory it is also one of Shenzhen’s pride; actually i bought a shirt made of bamboo silk and trust me it’s comfy 🙂 of course we had our free lunch (Chinese Foods “what else? duh! )  and the next stop was either Little Chinatown or Splendid China and we all agreed that we’ll go with Splendid China because it’s the newest tourist attraction in Shenzhen.


 there you’ll see replicas of the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Shaolin Temple,Potala Palace, Longmen Grottoes, Qufu Confucius Temple…12795541_10201263782352325_2031135736490729495_n

 you won’t be hungry strolling around Splendid China ! I suggest you try eating their cute candies and weird looking soups (simply the best) very flavorful!



and of course their Natural Landscapes (man-made) Li River, Yellow Mountain, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Stone Forest, Seven-Star Cave…


Because our time was very limited we weren’t able to watch all the shows, since Splendid China is very big i suggest you take photos near the event centers so that you wont miss any performances! Make sure you have your cameras with you and your battery should be full because i guarantee you that every corner of Splendid China is Instagram Worthy lol


find out more about Splendid China on their facebook page!

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