Boho Chic Feels


Boho Chic is a fashion trend that is part Bohemian and part Chic.


Well this “Boho Chic” is normally not how i style or how i dress but i’m beginning to fall in love with this genre of styling because it brings back the vintage styles in which i am a very big fan of and i also love the idea that Bohemian is a combination of natural organic tones, folk inspired pieces and even colorful detailed modern pieces! well what’s not to love right? They said the trend started by the actress Sienna Miller back in 2005 , though people said that the trend would die young and i guess they are very much wrong because until now people imitate this style by Sienna (she started wearing bohemian in the movie ALFIE).


photographed by KETHLEY UY


A Collab with Chester and Kethley

if you like my friend’s craft please do check her shots (all inquiries are here) : kethley uy photography


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