Burot Beach, Batangas

There are tons of cool places in Batangas but if you’re looking for some place to unwind and recharge without spending too much well why not try Burot beach in Calatagan, Batangas .


Burot beach is a calm and peaceful place though it’s a private property; it is not entirely developed and has no electricity but since you’re just looking for some vitamin sea and a dose of chill pills then why not try it here.

It’s a perfect place to grill some burgers, hotdogs, fishes and the like but you have to bring your own grill and charcoal or you can ask locals for those stuff. Explore the nearby rock formations or might as well go for some snorkeling or a trip to the sand bar, Bangkeros (boatmen) also offer these stuff it will cost you 130 pesos / head but if you’re traveling alone or with your partner the minimum fee is 590 pesos, not bad i guess. There are many Starfish and sea urchins in Burot beach and of course people would love to pick it up and do some crazy poses but you can never bring them home though there are a lot of rule breakers👎 and that’s not even cool. Burot is breathtakingly beautiful since Calatagan is facing west the Sunset is extraordinary!


Ok time for some real talk 👄 since the place is near and cheap to go to, expect a crowded beach like tents here and tents there, bonfire here bonfire there; though when we went there it was holy week! hahaha oh speaking of bonfire you can buy some for only 200 pesos (there will be no source of light) :).  There are no cottages or resorts and if you don’t have any tents with you and you decided to stay the night; tent rental is 300 pesos good for 3 to 4 person. The good thing about this is the parking is free and the downside of it is,….its always full hahaha ! Before entering Burot beach you’ll be charged 25 pesos for the environmental fee and it comes with a garbage bag and you know what that means right ? bring as much foods as you want but leave no trace! Sad to say there are people who don’t practice this by burrying their garbage on the sand and to tell you honestly the beach is not that clean anymore.


I am very much (maarte) when in comes to CR hahaha and i think how much more if you’re a girl hahaha you’ll be falling in line like Forever! Que Horror! so i suggest when you’re done with beaching there are a few bathing houses outside Burot beach so you don’t need to fall in line at Burot’s beach CR!

How to go to Burot beach from MANILA:

Take a Celyrosa bus going to Calatagan at the Pasay Rotonda Terminal. fare is at least 180 pesos
from Calatagan bus terminal get a tricycle going to Burot beach. 100 pesos per tricycle and Max of 4 pax


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here’s a little clip from our Burot beach day tour : Burot beach 2016

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