Beach bum

Beach bum : a person who loafs on or around a beach. 

Time is ticking fast so you better pack your stuff and head to the nearest water park or beach in your place! I guess packing is easy but for some people the struggle is real! like deciding what or what not to wear hahaha and of course there are most likely two types of people in the beach ; (1) the sun enthusiast and (2) the shade hunter lol whether you are one or two there is an easy way of dressing to look good on the beach without showing too much skin 🙂

Long sleeves Button downs (Forever 21)

 sunglasses ( Ray ban ) I always go with Black or Gold sunnies because it goes with whatever you wear. Panama hat of course it gives me more shade because of it’s wide brim ( I got this from HK for only 40$ ) . Earth tone shorts (thrift shop) will never fail you , roll it up and make sure it’s above the knee to make you look taller !

And lastly, Rash Guard (nike) is a must if you have tons of beach plans! Don’t for get to use sunblock and hydration lotion , I always go with Nivea #niveasunprotects

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