As we grow older we tend to spend our money on foods, gadgets and of course traveling and maybe it’s because of our social life or because a friend has “this and that” or went to “here and there”  i’m not talking about jealousy hahaha lol i’m talking about experiencing the little pleasures in life.


Anawangin Cove, Zambalesimage

How do i get there and how much will i prepare?

  • Ride a Bus going to OLONGAPO ( Pasay rotonda or Cubao Victory liner) the fare is about 220 pesos for the 3 hours drive to Olongapo. You can also take the bus going to IBA,ZAMBALES (limited buses)
  • When you’re already in OLONGAPO wait for another bus going to SAN ANTONIO bayan. regular fare in 44 pesos
  • When in SAN ANTONIO look for the 7eleven and there are a lot of tricycles there going to PUNDAQUIT beach. 30 pesos / head
  • If you’re in Pundaquit Beach no need to worry there are a lot of boats going to Anawangin, Capones or Talisayin cove . boat fare ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 pesos (round trip)


Since it’s already my second time in Anawangin Cove i decided to camp near the trekking site and yes the place was 5x more picturesque ! The last time blogged about anawangin i said it’s like hitting two birds with one stone but i was wrong!! it’s like hitting THREE Birds with one stone hahha lol ! well you get to Trek, Enjoy the Beach and there’s a small lake! isn’t that cool?


If you’re planning to spend the night in the island probably the best and the only option you’ll be having is this!! Tent, trust me Camping is fun!


The last time i went here was about a year ago and it was Holy Week, Anyway since i was there last year i expected the same population but then again i’m wrong! it doubled maybe that’s why they already have the 20 pesos environmental fee ! hahaha I guess Anawangin is really Famous now but no worries there are still a lot of camping sites, whether you want to camp near the Beach or hide under the Woods.


Still the Island doesn’t have any signal and electricity,only this perfect paradise view! Yah by now you’ll probably think about your phone’s battery hahaha well the good thing is that they now have this “solar thingy” where you can charge your phones and if you’re an abrupt traveler like us you need not to worry for they are selling foods there ( prices starts at 100pesos) and don’t expect for that flavorful feeling while eating tho hhaha!


Of course the best view is on top! It will take you about 30 minutes to reach this overlooking view of the island ( don’t take more breaks ). I guess the best time to trek is early in the morning or late in the afternoon but expect a little “traffic”if you decide to trek in the afternoon since people want to see a better view of the sunset.


for me my beach trip won’t be complete without playing some Beach Volley!

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here’s a little video clip of our ANAWANGIN trip  ; Anawangin Cove 2016


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