Leather weather


Every day i’d say i look different, i guess many people would say that ;like sometimes you wanna look really formal, sometimes you just wanna go to the mall wearing flip-flops.


i titled this post Leather weather not literally because of the weather ( 😂) but because of the mood , yes my mood/your mood whatever!
other days i like being a rockstar and wear leather jacket and studs hahah you know stuff like that.. Actually leather jackets are the new denim, like it’s one of the most easiest clothing to pair with ( i know people would look at you and stuff but you don’t need their approval! that’s for insecure people! peace ) . I’m giving you a few example ; whether you’re on your formal attire and you wanna go clubbing just put on some Leather jacket then you’ll look at least 30% more chic! lol hahahah ✌ and of course if you’re that jeans and t-shirt kinda guy you might wanna put a little flavor by wearing some Leather, im pretty sure you’ll look grungy and laid back at the same time. 👌


as for me, i’m sticking with some basic long sleeves (terranova) black straight cut pants (bershka) to go with my leather jacket (F21) , boots ( Timberland ) and long socks (terranova) to make it look a little grunge.

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