Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River


“Almost everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while your’re climbing it.” – Andy Rooney

It’s summer time again and probably all the water parks and beaches are already crowded and to think holy week is fast approaching, so as for me i started my summer by going on a trek with my main buds here in Manila. 


Mt. Daraitan

 We started around 7:15 in the morning and it took us 2 and a half hours to reach the summit. Actually there are two ways to reach the summit the short and the long trail, for beginners the tour guide will highly recommend to take the long trail because the way is not that steep though both ways have the same trekking time still many would choose the short trail because it is challenging and of course at the same time very rewarding especially when you reach the summit!!

by the time you reach the summit take a deep breath and reward your self some 10 mins break/rest don’t go rushing on taking photos and all the selfies in the world hahaa you will have plenty of that! Just appreciate the view first, and by that just look at the heart shaped river it will really make you fall in love with nature!


10 minutes break is over, now the most awaited part of your journey (lol) the picture taking hahah i hate to disappoint you guys but if you started trekking late and you love to take more breaks rather than trekking well welcome to the summit! Que Horror lol anyway it’s not that bad, good thing we were done with our selfies and stuff before it gets crowded and the good thing is that our tour guide is very friendly like he knows every single tour guide there so we felt like VIP’s because we did not have to fall in line hhaha! If you’re planning to go there look for ARCHIE prolly the best tour guide in Mt. Daraitan , he is like Kuya Kim you know talking about animals and plants (in fairness ang dami kong natutunan).

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After the “summit selfie” going down sounds good because you will need less effort, i say NO! NO! NO! hahaha going down from the summit will take you the same trekking time when going up, for us it took us almost 3 hours and trust me going down is not that easy hahaha! well there are pointy rocks and some trail doesn’t have any trees or branches you can hold on to and of course many would take longer breaks because of knee injuries, leg pain, muscle cramps or worse broken ankle! just be careful; slowly but surely!


For almost 3 hours this scenery will welcome you! yah i know you couldn’t help yourself not to dive in… and to answer some few questions ; yes the water is cold, a bit crowded, tents and foods are ok (no hidden fees) just practice ” CLAYGO” (Clean As You Go) policy! We weren’t able to go inside the TINIPAK CAVE because the line is taking forever so we did just enjoy the river and did some cannonballs hahah!

I suggest you walk a little further right after the bridge going to the cave then you will find a cool shady spot under the rocks!


I probably been talking too much but you might wanna know how to get there ?

*the fastest and the most convenient way of going there is in Starmall ( Shaw Blvd) 

*you can either ride a Jeepney or FX going to TANAY ; fare is 60 to 70 pesos. there are a lot of drivers that will make a package deal but with a higher price haha lol. so i suggest just go with FX or Jeepneys hahaha peace 🙂

*from TANAY there are tons of tricycle going to DARAITAN . 500 pesos per tricycle, 5 person max so even if you’re traveling alone or a group of 5 you will still pay the fix price. the price is very reasonable because it’s a 31km drive and it would take you 1 and a half hour to get to DARAITAN.


-20 pesos (registration) daraitan

-500 pesos (tour guide)

-25 pesos ( environmental fee in Tinipak river)

-5 pesos (bridge maintenance) Tinipak cave


before i forgot there is a fresh streaming water before reaching the cave, you can drink directly or fill up your water bottles (wag ma arte po) hahaha charge to experience! and if you haven’t brought any packed lunch there is a little restaurant once you’re in Tinipak River so no worries!

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Watch our day tour on YouTube : Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak river ( day tour )


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