If you’re planning for a typical Filipino weekend  where an out of town trip is the most common way to enjoy it and  if you’re living in  Negros Occidental then probably Wisik fishing lagoon resort is a great option to start your summer!

It’s a few kilometer drive from Bacolod City and to tell you this resort is considered as ” the red marvel of the south” because of their famous red pool making it look like you’re swimming on red wine or blood hahahah ! This is the first ever red pool in Brgy. Tibsok, San Enrique !

Aside from their iconic red pool my fave part about this resort is their lounging area, hanging nets beside the coast and down under  you can see the little fishes swimming in the sea and of course it’s the perfect spot to witness how the sun sets!

Since it’s a fishing resort they have this beautiful man made lagoon where you can fish for only P 50.00 and for every kilo you get you’ll only pay P 220.00 ! It’s perfect , you get to enjoy fishing and the good part about it is you can have it cooked by the resort’s chef ! Yup you got that right “FISH and EAT.”( add  P150.00)

Resort accommodation :

P600.00 ( 6-9 pax)

P1,500.00 (20-25 pax) both are beside the fishing lagoon

They also have day cottages with room which ranges from P1,500.00(6-9 pax) to P1,800.00(10-15 pax)

Over night room ranges from P1,000.00 to P1,500.00 ( 350/ additional person)

Entrance fee is P50.00 for the kiddos and P100.00 for adults

So what are you waiting for ? Start your summer now and dive in! Make sure you put #boomingbacolod on your Ig posts 🙂

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