Theme parks lovin 

I guess everyone is excited about the idea of going to theme parks, well I do! Hahha .

Well, this photo was taken at Splendid China in Zhenshen, but I’m not here to talk about the place but rather on how to dress for theme parks. The time I went to Zhenshen the weather was very cold but you don’t want to overdress right?

I suggest wear less but stay warm, of course some Wool longsleeves will do the trick but if you want to feel extra warm you might consider wearing some shirt inside. Pants/jeans/joggers is a must but make sure to wear some thick socks! For me I love wearing leg warmers and long socks to give my boots a little edgy look 🙂

Just incase it gets too hot I decided to wear my Panama hat.

Wool longsleeves ( wood west) / Pants ( Bershka) / Socks ( teranova ) / Boots ( timberland ) / Panama hat ( Zhenshen )

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