Childhood Bucketlist

When i was in Hong Kong the first thing that was on my mind is to go to Hong Kong Disneyland well probably because i’m a Disney kid lol!! shout out to all the 90’s kids out there!


when i entered Disneyland i was so surprised that i can still memories all the songs played while strolling inside resort lol. hahaha and the best feeling about this is that you can see everyone is having the time of their lives, kids are dancing and prancing lol!


i was very hyped and i dont know what to do or where to go first, so we decided to try the boat where you’ll be toured around the safari jungle and for me this one is for the books since i love animals and of course we were goofing around with the staff because we are obliged(not really) to imagine we are on a real safari adventure! hahha lol


yes, and after that we crossed the island of safari just to get a closer look at Tarzan’s treehouse! well i hate to say that i’m a very big fan of Tarzan hahah i envy him because he can talk to animals lol . The funny thing about this is that i felt like a tour guide because while walking i was explaining to my cousin the story of Mr. Tarzan since he said he forgot about it.pft! hahaha



Your Disneyland trip wouldn’t be complete if you won’t witness their famous Parade!  Parade starts at 3:30 pm and the last one is around 7:00 pm, the show will take about 30 minutes and every single minute is worth watching and i suggest you better charge all your phones and cameras to capture every magical moments!

and before i forget to miss the chance to watch the magical fireworks of DISNEYLAND,it’s around 8:00 pm 🙂

After the parade we then proceed to TOYS STORY land since it’s the only place where i can enjoy the rides ( adult rides ) though the waiting game is way too strong haha lol.

these are my top 2 fave rides IMG_1802IMG_1800

there is one awesome roller coaster at the Grizzly, since we went there around 1:00 pm our time was very short and we watched only one show that’s STITCH Encounter and it turned out to be so cool hahha probably because i really love that blue evil koala !!

i would love to show you more but i would be talking too much i want you to have your own magical experience in Disneyland, to give you a more glimpse of my DISNEYLAND day tour check out youtube video ==>>Hong Kong Disneyland 2k16

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