What to do and where to go in Macao? 

Colonized by the Portuguese in 1557, Macao was the oldest European outpost in China. In 1987, Portugal and China reached an agreement to return Macao to Chinese rule on Dec. 20, 1999.

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So if you love some history blah blah blah then Macao should be on your list !

Ok your first stop should be here!! The ruins of St. Paul , well this is one of the most iconic cathedral in Macao 

First constructed in 1580, St. Paul’s Church caught fires in 1595 and 1601. However, reconstruction started in 1602 soon after the church was burnt down. Completed in 1637, the church became the biggest Catholic Church in East Asia at that time. Unfortunately, a violent typhoon hit Macau in 1835 and the church caught fire for the third time leaving its glory a history. According to historical materials, St Paul’s Church, built with white stones, had a grand vaulted roof. It had three magnificently decorated halls.

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Honestly speaking I have a very short attention span to history of this and that lol hahaha but my fave part in Macao was this!! Foods!! Yes, everybody loves food right?

Walking down the streets near the ruins of St. Paul will be the best decision lol ! Why ? Because everywhere you look vendors are giving free taste of their products, and the good part about this is that you can eat as many as you want hahah lol! From beef jerky, to bread and different kinds of cookies! And of course I did taste them all and by the time we were leaving I’m already full so no need to buy hahaha lol streetwise huh?

These are the foods I’m talking  about! Hahaah

After visiting the ruins of St. Paul and enjoying the street foods and other museums , Macao is also known for its 3 dozen Casinos and 6 times bigger than Las Vegas! Imagine that? Hahaha

The good thing about traveling in Macao is that you need not to pay any transportation going to hotels and casinos ! Free shuttles

The First casino that should be on your list is Venetian ! The biggest Casino in Macao.

And inside you’ll see the replica of Grand canal , paintings and structures of the place is stunning!

another shuttle to the Sands and Grand Lisboa 

Since we were only on a day tour , we only visited 3 Casinos but it was definitely worth it! And you know how casino looks like right? Casinos in the hangover movie? Hahaha lol


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