Hong Kong 

We stayed at CARRIBEAN COAST, Tung Chung ! Probably one of the best place I’ve been! If you’re wondering why it’s the best for me: one, the view is stunning! You can definitely see the ocean. Two, the pool is superb! Three, Filipinos are everywhere here so it’s easy! Four, very accessible (it’s near the mall lol) ! Five, it’s clean! 

Our first stop was here in the Big Buddha, Ngong ping. This is one of the most visited places here in Hong Kong !

It’s probably the largest Buddha you’ve ever seen.

Oh and trust me going up there the view is just perfect! the fog was very thick when we got there.


After taking pictures and roaming around the BigBuddha , we then proceed to the wisdom path


And we lighted some incense sticks and of course we prayed (I’m dead serious in the second picture )lol . The experience was fulfilling !


Speaking about fulfillment , well for me this is the one lol hahaha I mean your trip to big Buddha is not complete without taking pictures with these beautiful creatures!

Yes and our last stop was here in Ngong ping village !  After taking pictures of course you’ll be hungry well this is the place to be! And a perfect place to buy some souvenirs!

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