The climb 

 Finally some real trekking! Got the chance to spend my off with some legit mountaineers at Mt. Pico de loro .
 It was only a day hike so it really pumped me to join. I was not really in condition to go for a trek because I lack sleep and I’m not feeling well though I’m really excited about this ,but I guess I can’t say no to my friends and of course Adventure! 

 Ok because I lack sleep they suggest that I need to load more carbs but where to buy? Hahaha I was able to get some sleep while we were on the bus and when we got there, what would you expect? It was freezing cold!! Hahaha the suggestion of my friends to load more carbs was a failure! Lol because it’s around 4:30 am when we got there at TERNATE, Cavite and the food was not yet available so I got myself some hot coffee and cup noodles because I have no other options hahaha!

We started our hike around 5 am and by 9 we were on top of the world! Summit baby! Hahaha good thing we started early because it was not that hot and by 9am onwards it started to get a little crowded and it causes a little traffic too.



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