Endless Summer! Hahaha whether it’s Ber months or not I still need some dipping lol . (Sounds awkward) seems it’s hard to go to the beach because of the changing weather we decided to look for some water parks and we ended here.

   SPLASH ISLAND baby!! Hahaha the good thing about this is it’s really near and I assure you that you will enjoy!
   Of course you need to try all their slides! Bamboo twist is my fave hahaha and y’all need to bring your action cameras and if you don’t have any they are selling some plastic covers for your smart phones!
 If you’re afraid to try their slides well this one is for you , The Lazy River! 

 But I spent most of my time here ,The man-made beach because I miss the waves lol! Promise it will give you the beach feels because of the waves and sand .

Well there are a lot more activities here such as Zipline, wall climbing, kayaks and stuff!

   Wonder how much we spent here? Only 500 pesos inclusive with all the rides and activities!See, cheap huh?!!

That’s why if you’re planning to go here buy tickets at METRODEAL you can Definetly save up to 75%!

Oh before I forgot you can’t bring any food and drinks inside hahahah that’s the down side but there are a lot of food kiosk and food choices inside and expect for resort prices hahahaah and huts are a little pricey but it’s worth it 🙂


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