Tired of your same old daily routine? How about the traffic? And of course the weather?
Well why not try spending your OFF to any mountain province here in Luzon?

 Me and my folks decided to hit SAGADA , well this place is pretty much famous because of the movie “That thing called tadhana” hahahah well the movie helped a lot said the people living there!
And because the place is already famous just expect a little traffic hahah and I do suggest not to go there during weekends!! Que horror I tell you!

And I do tell you research more about the place because if you are going to spend the night  better count your travel hours!! It took us about 9hrs to reach sagada and we were only in Bulacan .  Rooms and houses are fully booked every weekends so if you’re a backpacker that’s not really a problem but if you come in groups well that’s a problem hahah. You don’t want to stay in the City Hall  and wait for rooms that are available ,right?

Lucky for us we got an awesome cabin just right beside Sagada brew!  We only paid 300 per head though there is only one comfort room but the living room is everything and of course my favorite spot is the fire place 🙂

So the next day we decided to go to Lake Danum well my uncle said it was featured to one of Piolo Pascual’s movie. Hahaha sa kapanahunan niya pa cguro yun. Hahaha lol

Btw the picture is not edited the color of the lake looks like Royal( softdrinks)


After our trip to Lake Danum we headed straight to Sumaging Cave actually there are two entrance one will lead you straight to the coffins and the other one will lead you to the stalagmites and stalactites


But of course before reaching there you need to trek a little, well that’s a good way of excercise and beating the cold breeze 🙂

I want to tell more about this trip but I guess I don’t want to be a spoiler hahaha so there you go, those are the few awesome destinations in Sagada 🙂

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