Short drive 

Not a fan of long drives and out of town trips? Well I have some good news if you are living in Bacolod City ( City of Smiles) aka Booming Bacolod! 

Villa Iska is the place to be!! Located in Barangay PTA. Taytay!!

Villa iska was opened to the public last April 2014 with a great purpose! To give Bacolod city another travel destination without sacrificing the time to travel and money! 🙂

As we Bacolodnons we all know that Pta. Taytay is known for it’s fresh seafoods and calming breeze!

Villa iska has something to offer to everyone!.

Fully airconditioned rooms are available , nipa huts, villas and function rooms are very affordable

A fully equipped restaurant to cater all the food and lodging needs of the visitors

The resort’s infinity pool is a first and of course a kiddie pool for the children. And Ktv now is available to all the singers and frustrated singers out there hahaha lol

Don’t worry the parking area is very spacious 😉

And before I forgot the resort has it’s own man made white sand 🙂 gives you another beach vibe and the illusion to be somewhere else hahaha !

What are you waiting for? It’s just a few minutes away from BCD 

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