Queen City of the South 

Cebu is the second most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines after Metro Manila. Cebu is a first income class highly urbanized city and is a significant center of commerce, trade and education in the Visayas region!

So that’s why it is the ” Queen City of the South.” it’s the first capital and the oldest city in the Philippines!


Ok so I’m going to tell you about my Cebu experience , well this is Loboc which is in Bohol! Hahaha a few hours away from Cebu, from Tagbilaran port it’s a 25 minutes drive 🙂

Loboc actually is a long river visited by thousands each year for its placid blue green water and endearing floating restaurants!! Yes floating restaurants ! 🙂


While we were eating I saw these kids having the time of their lives haha! Tho my friend told me that they are being commissioned for doing this still it’s a good experience 🙂

Not only you’ll be amazed with the awesome scenery and of course the delicious buffet meals but you’ll be entertained by the restaurant’s singer and at the middle of your trip you’ll get a chance to see these beautiful ladies dancing “tinikling” and greeting you with some Cebuano songs! Hahaha


the Chocolate hills are probably Bohol’s most famous tourist attraction, they look like giant mole hills as some people said but for me they look like Boobs! Hahah lol!

Most people who first see pictures of this landscape can hardly believe that these hills are not a man-made artifact.

After taking a few steps to reach the peak and to see these hills was a superb experience! To look better in person rather than in books hahah

  • Tarsier Sanctuary

What has the tail of a rat, legs of a frog, sticky fingers of a gecko, rotating head if an owl, ears of a bat ? Hahaha some would say it’s like describing some sci-if and horror movies character.

The Philippine Tarsier(tarsius syrichta) is found only in the Central Philippines

It is sometimes known as the world’a smallest monkey but it is neither a monkey or even the smallest Primate, the Tarsier falls somewhere between the lemurs,monkey and man.

Visit the tarsier conservation area to learn about this beautiful creature!

And of course they now have some awesome souvenirs for sale!!

From Tagbilaran you can hire a tour guide, rent a car or motorcycle !

People in Bohol are friendly so don’t worry you won’t get lost 🙂


PADO BEACH is located in Marigondon,lapu lapu city and few minutes away from Mactan Airport . 

There are not too many amenities in this resort, they have a all swimming pool , several cottages, rest rooms, a small parking lot, a dive shop and a lagoon where they keep several fish and raise some sharks

Tho this resort is perfect for team buildings

But they are now working on their water activities, but still you can go for some island hopping.


So this was my Cebu escapade!

Check out this video to see how beautiful these places are

click me!!!

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