Lakawon Island


Lakawon Island has been one of the  popular beach destination for city dwellers because of its proximity from Bacolod City. 

A tropical paradise within your reach that has a long shoreline of cream sand beach, enticing crystal clear water and a variety of fun activities tucked in a natural setting!! 🙂

If you’re from the city of smiles (Bacolod city)

Take a Ceres ride going to Cadiz city or San Carlos( northbound terminal) but tell the driver to drop you in Martisan ! If you’re on a tight budget I suggest you take the ordinary one,the fare is 55 pesos (one way) 🙂

when you’re already in Martisan take a tricycle going to Lakawon’s port (20 pesos/head) .

You guys should register and wait for your boat (1500 good for 10) .

Island rates:

Terminal fee = 20 php per person

Entrance fee = 100 php per person

If you’re planning for a day trip and don’t want to bring any foods with you well that won’t be a problem because they serve good foods :)!! Or you brought foods to cook and at the same time you wanted to enjoy the cool waters well they can cook it for you (100 php per kg)

The sun was shining so bright, the skies were blue, the clouds look soft and fluffy – it was perfect for a beach day !


Check out our lakawon trip

Click here -> Lakawon island

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Oh before I forgot !

Round trip boats

1 – 4 pax = 1000

5 – 7 pax = 1200

8 – 10 pax = 1500

Huts’ rate:

Umbrella = 500php

Day time cottage(good for 10) = 1000php

Bamboo houses( overnight) = 1800php


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