Looking for a perfect family getaway? You better put Campuestohan Highland Resort in your checklist! Everything that one can ask is found here, there simply is no need to look further!

 Campuestohan is a 5 hectare property that has undergone an enormous transformation and now it is one of the most famous destination in Negros Occidental!

The best part about Campuestohan is it is now a Wonderland !!! They managed to build different scenic views and the cutest thing is that you can relive your childhood memories by entering at their Hero’s Hall take all the picture you want with Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man and many other more! But one of the iconic statue here is the giant gorilla KING KONG!! Hahahaha but of course I don’t want to be a spoiler!

If you are planning for a day trip here are some of their rates .

Entrance fee P150

Big Cottage(good for 20)  P1,000

Small Cottage(good for 12-15)P600

Umbrella hut(good for 10)P500

If you are going to visit the resort on a weekend reservations must be made at least 3 days ahead 🙂

If you guys don’t have any fear of heights why not try Cable hamster wheel, Zipline, Rope Course and my favorite is the Sky bike! Take a break and capture the perfect sunset at their Hanging bridge! If you’re tired from walking why not go for some horseback riding! Exciting isn’t it?

Take a dip in the swimming pool and walk through the Indian city and enjoy taking photos at their Shoe house, have fun in the playground!

There is a lot to look forward this summer like the wave pool,windmill and the outdoor gym!! 

Aside from being the perfect getaway and far from the city life, one of the resorts greatest assets are their delicious cuisines!! I suggest you need to try FRIED CANSI!! And the popular Ilonggo dish called KBL “kadyos-baboy-Langka” 

For more inquiries and bookings check their site just click here! Campuestohan!!!

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