The Ruins

 Going to Bacolod City?  The Ruins should be on your checklist or itinerary !!! Before you ask “why?”  Here’s the answer, the structure is filled with historical memories and of course look at it isn’t it picture perfect?!
  The ruins is located at Talisay city just a few minutes away  from the City proper of Bacolod .
How to get there? Actually the fastest and the most convenient mode of transportaion is by a cab/taxi . Driver will charge you about 120 to 150 simply because they won’t be getting any passengers from the ruins, and going back to Bacolod city might be hard because there are no taxi near the place so it’s very difficult to travel back . Just talk to the people there so they can help you and taxi drivers will charge you about 200+ .!

Not only the place is historical but they created another picture perfect attraction ,it has a little pond and different architectures, chilling here is a good idea because ruins have their own cafe !

entrance fee for this place:

Adults – P60

Student/Kids – P40 (if you are a student, don’t forget to bring in your school ID).

if you are riding a car or even a taxi, you will be charged P50 just before you reach the vicinity.

I won’t be posting too much informations here so that you can enjoy your visit to ruins and of course you can ask someone to tell you the story of the place 🙂

   The place is also perfect to shoot for your #ootd hahahah make sure to wear something cute 🙂

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