Always been in love with nature!! And the good thing about this place is it’s in my home town (BACOLOD CITY)!!

MAMBUKAL MOUNTAIN RESORT is one of the most famous tourist spot here in Negros Occidental not only it is one of the biggest mountain resort but you can Definetly enjoy the resort’s activities such as ; wall climbing, boating, zip line and many more!

You can also visit their Butterfly garden and enjoy their fresh flowing waters.
And if you love to trek/hike then this resort is the place to be you will surely love the 7 falls!!! Yes you got that right there are 7 FALLS in this resort!!! Too bad we weren’t able to trek because of the bad weather but trust me I’ve seen it before and my fave was the 6th falls because !!

hot spring !!! Yes !! Talk about relaxation and it felt like yeah!!! all my body pain went away to be honest! hahaha!!
Check out my Instagram account to see more photos about this place @yusakututhiya

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