Sweet tooth problems

“when life gives you a hard time ,treat yourself with a cupcake and relax with some coffee.” – @vanillacupcakebakery . tumblr_ntb5j1Metz1qk0zkvo5_1280

           The best place to do both is here in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery I mean passing by their store you’ll be like “aawww so cute”  but wait till you have the chance to taste their cupcakes !!! for me its a 2 thumbs up, my fave is Red velvet of course and for my drink its Naughty Nutella!!.


           the interior is perfect! very Instagram worthy lol hahaha,perfect place to capture sweet moments with your friends and loved ones while enjoying your sweet treats!. . . . . every Vanilla Cupcake Bakery has its own unique interior design which all of them are pretty much touched by a girly girl side hahahaha but this photo was taken at their branch in Glorietta which is my face spot! 🙂


Always follow your sweet tooth! why? because it gives you more than a happy tummy

follow them on Instagram : @vanillacupcakebakery

check out my Twitter & Instagram : @yusakututhiya

Snapchat me : yuaku37


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