Decided to look less today, but of course i need to swag it up a little. As I’ve said from my previous post; my style is between Grunge and Preppy. 11986979_10200788923041139_5287784938375473029_nStreet styling is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers. The great thing about Street style is that there are no rules except you need to WALK THAT WALK hahahha and one thing i love the most is that you can wear what ever you want and as for me a comfy Shirt is a must!

My top is from Simple Swagg, well i love the design and the colors are so basic plus the texture of the shirt is so comfy. Go check them out on Instagram its @simpleswagg and might as well try wearing their clothes too and the prize is very reasonable!  and seems like everyone on the street is wearing this might as well pair my top with some BIKER JEANS from PENSHOPPE and finishing my look with some Sneakers from NIKE.

for more looks check out my LOOKBOOK account => yusaku tuthiya

and follow me on twitter and instgam @yusakututhiya thank you!


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