The Climb

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Finally got a chance to do some real trekking with some legit mountaineers( MT. PICO DE LORO) ! it was only a day hike so it really pumped me up to join though i was not feeling well because i lack sleep lol hahah still i can’t say no to my friends because they were crazy about this trip and of course i cant say no to new Adventures!Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetbecause i lack sleep i need to load up and good thing i was able to get some sleep while we were on the bus and when we got there at Ternate, Cavite it was freezing cold!!! i was hungry af hahaa but too bad the rice wasn’t ready yet so i decided to eat some cup noodles (like i have a choice) hahaha and a hot coffee of course! when we were trekking all i think about was food and more water hahaha and i was glad that there are people selling foods before we hit the summit!

we started our hike around 5Am and by 9 we were on top of the world!! summit baby!! Good thing we started early because it was not that hot and by 9 am onward it started to get a little crowded and it causes a little traffic when we were going down.

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how did we got here?

from Makati

– Cab going to Coastal terminal and look for buses going to Ternate, Cavite the fare is about 80 pesos!

– when you’re in Ternate there are a lot of tricycle going to the hike spot, the fare is 85 pesos per head.

– and when you’re at the site you just need to pay for the registration it’s only 25 pesos and that’s it you’re ready to go!IMG_7714tumblr_nxa7rfe4zx1ue5nvfo2_1280  follow me on instagram for more updated adventures its @yusakututhiya!! thanks 🙂


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