Endless summer that’s what I want ! Hahaha Everytime I feel the heat of Mr. Sun I automatically crave for some beach, falls, river and the like but it was so impossible to fit in to my schedule so we end up here

   I gave it a try and enjoyed the slides and activities that this resort has to offer and not bad! I mean I really did enjoy this trip. why? Well, first they have slides that will definitely scare the hell out of you hahaha!
 Second, after all those crazy loops this might be your next spot the lazy river !    Well 3rd probably is the kayak , Zipline and wall climbing! Hahaha this is for those who doesn’t want to get wet! Lol

4th is this! The man-made beach, never did I expect this but it was like hitting 2 birds with one stone hahahah!

5th, it is near and cheap ! If you want to go here it is located in Biñan, Laguna.

to all Credit card holders I suggest you go buy your tickets at METRODEAL! You can save up to 75%  ohh before I forget don’t bring foods and drinks because it’s not allowed they have their own food kiosk and canteen inside 🙂 huts are a little bit pricey but it looks good!

Check out their website to know more about their activities Click here !!!


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