Inner Child 

SKYRANCH, a must visit attraction in Tagaytay



 These are some of the awesome rides that they have, I haven’t taken  much photos because I was enjoying every ride plus the view was breathtaking !!!

 This shot was taken while we were in the Ferris wheel (Tagaytay Eye)

What I love about going to parks like this ? I feel like a kid again! You know what they say “don’t let your inner child die.” And of course we ate a lot of ice screams, cotton candies and more ! We need to spoil our sweet tooth since we were feeling like a kid hahaha!

Entrance fee?       >> Click here!!!!

But I really do suggest you to buy tickets in METRODEAL save up to 95% hahaah or 77% off for ride all you can promo ! 

Operating hours: 10:am to 10:00 pm

What are you waiting for? Tag @skyranchphl on Instagram to share your awesome moments!

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